ARCHIPEL’S SPICY CACAO COFFEE takes you on an exotic journey of taste through the combination of the fruity notes of our signature Bali Kintamani coffee and the delicate chocolate flavor of our fermented cacao. A dash of long pepper, locally grown in the legendary spice islands of Maluku, Indonesia, offers a deliciously spicy finish while the antioxidant-rich cacao results in a delightfully euphoric feeling.


Ingredients: Ground Arabica Coffee Beans, Fermented Cacao, Long Pepper


Embracing a farm to cup philosophy, Archipel Coffee Co. has developed a range of unique spiced coffee blends using the highest quality ingredients from the vast Indonesian Archipelago. Their fully washed single origin arabica coffee from Bali Kintamani, is small roasted to develop a comlex fuity flavor with a nutty finish, which combines beautifully with fragrant spices from the legendary spice island of Maluku.

Spicy Cacao Coffee Blend

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