Feeling like you’re covered in flowers at bloom, this line of fragrance makes us imagine what it would be like to live inside a lush, tropical garden. The scents are so floral and aromatic you can almost taste them, and this line is like wearing a bouquet of flowers. First in the bunch is Frangipani, the fruity, peach flowers that create the famous Hawaiian Lei. Next up is woody and sweet Cananga, whose plant boasts a wide array of healing properties. Third in the arrangement is Tuberose, a creamy and fresh flower used in perfumes across the world. Gardenia comes into the mix with sweet, clean aromas that bring us back to the first day in spring. Finally, Campaka finishes the palette with notes of dried flowers and tea, used in holistic wellness for centuries. Temple Blossom is a rich, diverse blend of aromas that are beautiful and unique, just like a floral arrangement should be. 

Shampoo, Temple Blossom by Bali Radiance 100ml

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