Baby Food Puree Cubes

Pumpkin Potato Puree 4-6+months

10x cubes/ 180ml



All Alive homemade 100% organic baby foods are made in house, in Bali with no additives, perservatives or nasties.


Our Organic Pumpkin Potato Puree cubes are perfect for a quick meal for your little one, especially if bubs is just beginning to eat solids. Reccomended for bubs on stage 1 of eating and up!


They're also great to combine with proteins like lentils or chicken if your bubs is getting to stage 2 of eating and ready to try a little protein!


DIRECTIONS : Pop as many cubes as you need into the fridge over night to defrost, or they can be lightly heated on the stovetop, or in the microwave. Add filtered water, broth, or breastmilk to change the consitency for your baby.


Eat by itself or mashed with other yummy stuff like chicken or lentils!

*Consume within 3 days of thawing




Pumpkin Potato Puree 180ml