100% Natural, 100% Vegan, 100% Good For You! 


Product description:

For Clarity, Memory, Focus

with added  Rosemary & Mint

FOCUS Spray is ideal for Meditation and/or Stressed-Out days.

When you are facing exams, tense meetings, or other testing times, FOCUS Spray has the wonderful fresh fragrance of  Lemongrass, blended with Rosemary for memory and concentration, and Peppermint for energy and clarity. In the last few months, sales of ROSEMARY have rocketed. The herb has made quite a stir in the cause of well-being, clearer thinking and memory enhancement. Tests show that inhaling the molecules in Rosemary interacts with the brain’s neurotransmitters, aiding better memory, concentration & focus.

Find your own moment of Clarity & Focus, with this ideal all-Natural Yoga Fresh Stay Focused with Pure Lemongrass & Rosemary, Peppermint.

An inspiring blend to keep you in the moment, a wonderful fragrance that is a brilliant aid for memory and concentration.




Essential OIls of LEMONGRASS for Vitality & uplifted spirits

ROSEMARY for enhanced Memory.

PEPPERMINT for energy & to clear your thoughts.

Natural plant extracts  to emulsify – plant glycerin, xanthum gum, distilled water

A welcome gift for any friend who is into YOGA or MINDFULNESS

A brilliant gift to encourage any one you know who’s about to face Exams!

IN TIMES OF STRESS & ANXIETY, whenever calm & concentration are needed to relieve tension & anxiety, during exams, at meetings etc. this blend of Rosemary adds mental clarity & sharpens the memory, with Peppermint for energy.


Natural Focus Yoga Spray by Sukime 50ml

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