• Contains a complete antioxidant group such as vitamin A, C, E, Selenium, Hespridin, Citrus, Bioflavonioid and Lutein which fight against free radicals that damage the body's cells, disrupting the immune system causing infections, degenerative diseases such as heart and cancer.
  • Also play a role as anti-aging and lutein serves to maintain eye health.
  • The content of calcium, magnesium and boron function for bone health.
  • Iron (iron) to prevent less blood.
  • Other minerals play a role in regulating the function of enzymes in the body, maintaining the balance of acid-base and the sensitivity of nerves and muscles including cardiovascular muscle.
  • To regulate the body's metabolism and biochemical processes in generating energy from food.
  • Enhance the post-ill recovery process.
  • To maintain the health and work of other body organs.


  • With a complete composition of natural ingredients, without dyes, preservatives and guaranteed quality, provides optimal health benefits.
  • Can compare to other famous multivitamin brands from USA with more economical price.

Multi Vitamin / Mineral Formula by Wellness 60Tabs