Melantonin is a hormone secreted by the Pineal gland in the brain. Produced in large quantities during childhood until adolescence / young adulthood, with increasing age, the production gradually decreases (decreases sharply in the 40s and hardly produces in the 80s). So it takes a melatonin supplement that among others to regulate the rhythm of sleep. Contains 3 mg of each capsule and vitamin B6.


Helps regulate sleep / circadian sleeping rhythm that can be caused by jet lag or jobs that require sleep time changes.     

Helps overcome insomnia, relax muscles and overcome fatique.     

Stimulates the immune system.     

As an antioxidant to fight free radicals.    


Other benefits to prevent memory impairment, artheriosklerosis, stroke, protect the gastric mucosa and prevent stomach ulcers caused by stress.   

Has a role for the production of hormones estrogen, testosterone and other hormones.     

Helps overcome migraines and other headaches.     

Supplemental vitamin B6 to enhance Melatonin function. As a neural and antistress vitamin will help overcome insomnia and reduce anxiety.

Melatonin Lozenges by Nature's Plus 60Tabs