-Vitamin C (Calcium ascorbate): 500 mg
-Citrus Bioflavonoid Complex: 200 mg
-Calcium (Calcium carbonate): 50 mg

-Improves endurance
- Prevent the onset of illness
-Helps the healing process
-Maintaining health of organs
-As an antioxidant
- Collagen formation
-Helps overcome atherosclerosis
-Prevent heart attack
-Convert acute & chronic infections
-As an anticancer

Calcium Ascorbate
-Make buffers from vitamin C (82% Ascorbic Acid & 18% Calcium Ascorbat)
- This shape minimizes indigestion (irritation)
- Better absorption

-Helps reduce gastric acidity
- Prevents stomach ulcers

Citrus Bioflavonoids
- Protect and improve the work of vitamin C
- Increases vitamin C absorption
- Increases the strength and elasticity of the collagen
-As an antioxidant

Excell-C 500mg by Wellness 60Tabs