At Fantastic, our imaginations are just the beginning of our products.


The Fantastic Brand Development Team start with an idea and then rigorously explore and develop opportunities to bring that idea to market.


Flavours, textures and ingredients are tested and combined to ensure that the product that finally goes under the Fantastic brand will stay true to the brand mantra – Taste Fantastic.


Fantastic has been producing Rice Crackers, Snacks and Noodles for over 10 years.


We are an Australian owned company that has taken traditional Japanese food ideas – such as rice crackers and noodle cups – and have redefined them in pursuit of one goal “Taste”. Fantastic products are found all around the world.

Delites Sweet Chilli & Sour Cream by Fantastic Snack 80g

Rp35,000 Regular Price
Rp28,000Sale Price