1. Is there anything this miracle oil can’t do? It’s hard to tell. This oil has been used since centuries in Asian countries. It helps in skin cleansing and moisturizing. Unlike any normal moisturizing lotions that contain water, this natural moisturizer provides moisture to your skin.

2. It removes dead cells and strengthens the tissues present underneath the skin.

3. It is also known to be a great wound healer. People in Panama apply this on their infected areas or even drink a pint size amount of this oil to relieve them from infection and to induce fast recovery. All you have to do is apply it on the affected area of the skin.

4. When used in massaging the skin with other creams or lotions, it can be very helpful and control dry rashes of the skin, or dry skin problems. It can also be used to control and treat eczema, psoriasis and other skin problems.

5. Want to bring a shiny appearance for your hair? Look no more, extra virgin coconut oil does just that. It moisturizes your hair and cleans your scalp.

6. Virgin coconut oil helps to strengthen the roots of hair. Massage a little bit of coconut oil before shampooing. This will help you get tangle free hair afterwards. You can do a hot oil massage with virgin coconut oil for shiny and strong hair. It will also help you with hair growth.

7.  Builds Your Immunity System:

The first and foremost of the virgin coconut oil benefits is that it helps you prepare anti bodies and therefore improves your immunity system. It has antibacterial, antifungal properties and also anti inflammatory properties.

8.  Helps Your Heart:A study in Sri Lanka says that the rates of heart attacks have gone up since the time they reduced the consumption of coconut oil. Virgin coconut oil has high saturated fatty acids but these are not “Bad” for the body. In fact it can lessen the bad cholesterol level and save you from heart diseases and lessen the risk of heart attacks.

9.  Helps In Hypo Thyroidism:

Research shows that consumption of virgin coconut oil helps in controlling and reducing hypothyroidism.

10. Helps Weight Loss:

As mentioned above, virgin coconut oil has medium chain fatty acids which are used by the body for energy production. Only a little bit is stored in the body as fat. Therefore it actually can help you lose weight when you are on a diet by giving you energy

Virgin Coconut Oil 600ml

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