Yerba Maté is more popular than coffee in South America. Drinking daily provides lasting physical and mental energy.

It is naturally loaded with antioxidants and nutrition, aids digestion, raises metabolism, elevates mood & reduces fatigue.


1. Moisten Your Yerba Mate With Cold Water: This will protect the flavor and nutrients.
2. Add hot water: Boiling water makes bitter yerba mate. Simmering water (around 170F) is ideal.   
3. Steep for 5 minutes

Loose yerba mate (like making a cup of coffee) Add a tablespoon of herb per cup of hot water. Percolators, French presses,  espresso makers, strainers, and tea straws all work great.

Have natural or add:  milks, sweeteners, juices, and herbs of all kinds. You can make a yerba mate latte, a yerba mate chai, or a yerba mate iced tea with lime. Try our Chilled Yerba Mate from our fridge!

Argentinian Tradition - Yerba Maté sharing circle with Gourd & Bombilla ♡

~ Naturally Caffeinated ~

Chiled Yerba Maté by Alive 650ml