Our NEW Organza Bag set of Bali Blessing Cards come with the love and the spirit of Bali tucked inside each magical shimmery pouch of organza! 


On the front of your enchanting bag you’ll find our beautiful logo printed on top of the shimmering dust of colour. Our colour range includes Gold Dust, Champagne Dust and Copper Dust.


You will find inside each precious bag a set of our famous Bali Blessing Cards. On the front of each Bali Blessing Card is a word and a tiny piece of fine art work depicting things on the island of Bali.


On the back of each card you will find our logo, the Endless Knot which connects great simplicity and fully balanced harmony to our collection of 50 cards.


Since everything in the Universe is interrelated, an Endless Knot creates connection between the giver and the receiver.

Bali Blessing Cards Organza Bag Set by Bali Blessing Cards