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We stock over 1000 quality products and you can now enjoy Alive Wholefoods & Groceries at home with daily deliveries to the whole of Bali. Shopping for food in Bali can be tiresome (the traffic alone is hideous), not to mention the quality of most supermarket food isn't great. Alive stocks a huge range of fresh, local, organic where possible groceries and wholefoods, and we deliver straight to your villa. This means you can relax by the pool, read a book, enjoy your day at home, enjoy your holiday with friends and family and not have to go anywhere!


  1. Shop By Category or Search Your Product

  2. Add Your Items To The Cart

  3. Order Before 11am = Same Day Delivery (1pm-5pm) | Orders 11am - 8pm = Next Day Delivery (1pm+)

  4. Call Us or Whatsapp if you prefer to order over the phone

  5. We will contact you before delivery to ensure you/staff are there to accept goods and payment,

      and to confirm location & drop off times.

     6. If we do not hear back from you within 1hr we will assume the order is cancelled, so please

      make sure you keep your phone nearby :)



Payment is COD, Paypal or

By local Bank Transfer

If you wish to pay by Credit Card we can invoice you via paypal but a 4% Indonesian Paypal fee will be 

added and delivery is only made when invoice is paid.


Upon check out please provide us with your contact details including:

  1. WhatsApp Number (we do not accept international numbers - local number or whatsapp number only)

  2. Full & Complete Address include any specific directions (we will need you to whatspp the location)

  3. Contact details of staff if they are accepting the order

  4. Confirmation that the payment will be available upon delivery


Order Before 11am = Same Day Delivery (1pm-5pm) | Orders 11am - 8pm = Next Day Delivery (1pm+)

1. You must have payment ready on arrival.

2. If you are not there to receive your delivery at the scheduled time your order will be automatically cancelled and returned. We can not wait for you. Please understand our time is also valuable as we are a busy little shop. If you are worried you may be runing late, please whatsapp us asap pn 081236004204 :)


(fees are added to your final total, we will sms you the final amount)


AREA 1 - Canggu (Batu Bolong, Echo Beach, Pererenan, Berawa, )

Delivery Everyday | Delivery Free When You Spend Over 300k | Under 300k Delivery Is 10k


AREA 2 - Canggu Other Areas (Padonan, Tiyung Titul, Canggu North, Babakan, Seseh etc)

Delivery Everyday | Delivery Free When You Spend Over 300k | Under 300k Delivery Is 10k

AREA 3 - Seminyak, Kerobokan, Batu Belig, Umalas

Coming Soon | Contact Us To Register Your Interest | USE GOSHOP TO DELIVER

AREA 4 - Kuta, Bukit, Jimbaran, Sanur, Nusa Dua, Ubud

Coming Soon | Contact Us To Register Your Interest | USE GOSHOP TO DELIVER


  1. We guarantee that the products are delivered fresh and are excellent quality. 

  2. We do not accept exchanges, refunds or returns so please ensure you check the item specifics and are sure you are ordering what you want.

  3. Please ensure someone is home to collect your order and promptly refrigerate any cold goods.

  4. Once the items leave our store we are not responsible for their care (we use a third party delivery service).

  5. Communication between yourself and the driver is your responsibility.

  6. You must pay the driver on arrival. You pay him. He has already paid us.


When ordering online you are agreeing to these terms.

Your Personal Shopper Will Do The Shopping For You!

Shop By Category

Breads (including GF), Desserts/Cakes, Croissants & more
Cheeses, yoghurts, milk, sour cream, cream cheese, ice cream
Meat Fish & Eggs
Stocking organic chicken, organic pork, Australian beef and lamb, gourmet sausage (gluten free), local ocean caught fish (no nasties), free range eggs, organic free range eggs.
Note: Meat min order 1kg per type
Fruit & Vegetables (Organic)
Stocking a local fresh organic range of tropical fruits and vegetables
A full range of western groceries including tea and coffee, crackers, cereals, oils, sauces, spreads, UHT vegan nut milks, condiments, crips, antipasto, juice and more
Grains Nuts Seeds & Dried Fruits
A healthy wholefood range of all grains, lentils, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, flours and more
Herbs & Spices
All herbs, spices, spice mixes, salt, pepper
Healthy Snacks
Chia seed puddings, rice pudding, healthy muesli bars, cookies, nibbles and crackers all made from quality ingredients and 100% natural
Healthy Drinks
We love our range of kefir, kombucha, jamu, herbal infused waters, cold brew coffee, superfood tonics and shots
Cold Pressed Juices | Juice Detox De
Our house made organic cold pressed juices are delicious and medicinal. Order 1 or order a 3-6 day supply.
Home Made Meals Dips Stocks Sauces
We have our own in house preservative free, freshly made dips, sauces, soups, curries, stock/bone broth, vege stock, curry pastes & more
Pasta Rice Noodles
We stock organic local rice, italian pasta, noodles, gluten free pasta, gluten free noodles
Frozen Goods
Vegan icypoles, gourmet natural icecream, frozen pies, frozen mixed fruits, frozen meals, frozen baby foods
Super Foods & Medicinal Foods
Maca powder, vegan protein powder, colloidal silver, spirulina, activated charcoal, moringa, chlorophyl, psyllium husk, slippery elm and more to keep you healthy!
Natural Beauty
Natural beauty and body care including essential oils, body scrubs, body lotion, soap, shampoo and conditioner, body and massage oils, sprays, suncream, toothpaste, incense
Natural laundry, cleaning and household goods
Vitamins Herbs & Supplements
A full range of vitamins, herbal medicines and supplements
Baby Goods
Nappies, natural wipes, creams and lotions, toothepaste, suncream, baby formula (organic), home made baby foods
Detox Programs
Juice detox programs from 3- 6 days and full detox programs including medicinal foods, soups, stocks, juices, shots & more
Order By Phone
If it's all too much and you'd prefer to order over the phone just call us and we will be happy to help!
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Natural laundry, cleaning and household goods

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