Before you commit to this Liquid fast please read this...


By doing this liquid fast I agree the best results will be from, and am committing to:



  • Drinking 6-8 glasses of nutrient rich water per day. (We recommend Balian Spring Water gallons, Evian or Fiji Water – look for nutrition labels with actual numbers on the panels ;)

  • Eliminating sugar, soy, alcohol, coffee, processed foods, fried foods

  • Increasing plants and wholefoods & limiting or fully eliminating dairy

  • Avoid eating after 7pm to allow your digestions to begin repairing and renewing

  • Increase mindfulness, sleep and light physical activity


DURING MY FASTING I am aware that:

  • I may not feel great the first few days of my fasting

  • I may not be very productive

  • I may get headaches

  • I may feel hungry

  • This is all part of the journey towards feeling great & refreshing!


POST-FASTING I am aware of the best way to ease back into normality the next few days is by:

  • Beginning with soft simple organic foods like Avocadoes, Mangoes, Dragonfruit, Sweet Potato

  • Eating plant based

  • Being mindful that my body may assimilate nutrients better now, so I may need less food!

  • Being aware that I may need to still take it easy for a few days


I agree that I have no medical conditions that will prevent me from doing this juice cleanse & that I have had consent from my doctor to participate in this program.

Alive Wholefoods Store is not liable for any ill health felt during or after this fast. I agree that I will read the fasting guide given to me.


I agree that there are no refunds or credits given if I do not complete this fasting kit.

I am committed to better health!