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Supporting the pollution issues, children with chronic illness, and animal welfare organizations in Bali, Indonesia

Plastic Reduction & Education

If you've been to Bali you've witnessed first hand the lack of ethical and environmentally friendly rubbish disposal we have, and it will confront you! It's clogging up the rivers, on the beach, in the ocean, in the fields - but is Bali really to blame?!


Your first thought might be to curse Indonesia for being 'irresponsible'. In Bali, without a focus on eco education, and a lack of resources, the local people are mostly unaware of the damage that is being caused in their magical island. Besides, we 'bule' are the ones who bought plastic here to this sacred island in the first place!


In 'The West' the issue is actually the same. In fact, the amount of plastic and wrapping we use is 1000x worse! It's just that our sophisticated recycling systems quickly & efficiently move the rubbish out of sight and out of our minds. Plastic and packaging is a huge problem whether it is out of sight or not, in Bali or in your home. It might disappear from your sight but the issue is the same globally; it needs to be reduced and it comes down to you as a shopper, and us as retailers to simply make smarter choices.

Plastic packaging is almost unavoidable with some food goods & fresh produce, but here at Alive we are constantly working towards plastic reduction, educating our staff and going as local as possible!

We wrap our Organic produce in store in banana leaf where we can, we encourage jar and bottle exchange with freebies, we recycle with Eco Bali, and we proudly use the amazing Avani grocery bags - made of plants!

As Recycling is not subsidized by the government here, we also are more than happy to promote Eco Bali Recycling. They do an amazing job, and if you haven't got recycling yet then contact them!

You can help make a difference by using our reusable Alive shopping bags (or bringing your own!), and purchasing stainless steel Bottles For Earth in our store.

You can find out more about them here:

Supporting Sick Kids & Their Carers

Here at Alive we have a super soft spot for the kids and families effected by chronic illness. Rumah Harapan Bali  is a charity house that supports and helps shelter these kids and their families when financially they're not able to continue, (or sometimes even begin) the treatment they desperately need.


We are also happy to announce ongoing support through our monthly selection of products with permanent contributions. You buy = you contribute 10% of the product cost! Simply look for the blue stickers in store!

Rumaha Harapan Bali currently are housing 11 children in need. Check out their instagram @rhibali and support as much as you can. From only 5 months old to 13yrs old, from Eye tumors to, previous malpractice, to Leukemia....these humans and their carers need your help!

If you want to contact them directly please email

Willis on